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Did you know that you can manipulate the timing of your meals in order to loose Body Fat? Here are 3 basic tricks to MAXIMISE  your fat burn to your stubborn areas of fat storage.

Research shows that if you mis-time your meals, you can reduce your metabolism, destroy your energy levels and actually encourage your body to store fat.

The commonly heard terms:

"don't skip breakfast"

"don't eat late at nights"

"make sure you eat before exercise"

ARE ALL MYTHS  if your aim is to loose body fat.

This topic of when and what to eat is HIGHLY controversial, however, if you stick to these 3 basic rules, you can boost your metabolism, boost your anti-ageing hormones and have your body burning fat as its primary energy source, 24/7!



The body is designed to be in a state of elimination during the morning  hours so ideally it does not need any energy taken away from this state of detoxing the body. If you consume a heavy meal, the body has to divert its energy to digestion, taking away from detoxing itself from chemicals and the previous days food.

Science also shows that eating your calories later in the day can boost your anti-ageing/ fat burning hormone Growth Hormone. This form of 'intermittent fasting' also gives strength to your immune system and your hunger hormone, Ghrelin.


If you do consume food before you train,  you are actually promoting body fat storage. The AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) claim that "exercising in a fasting state results in a greater percent of body fat being used as a source of fuel compared to the same workout load, after a meal or snack'.



Its not so much about the timing of your dinner, but more importantly WHAT you eat for dinner which is important.

Choose to eat easily digestible food as your evening meal, such as fish or vegetarian food, over red meat and other more complex proteins.

If you do eat later in the evening, try to give yourself 3 hours to then go to bed, however, by eating an easily digestible dinner, you are encouraging Growth Hormone to be produced in your body over night which will stimulate repair in your body and boost your metabolism. 

So as you can see, having control over your food timing is HIGHLY BENEFICIAL and EXTREMELY IMPORTANT when you have a specific goal to loose body fat. If you follow the above 3 steps, you will not only start to BURN your body fat, but your energy and confidence levels will sky rocket as well.



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Everything that you consume through food source is responsible for the development of every cell in your body.

According to Nutritionists, 90 % of the volume of the food you eat gets absorbed for cellular development and only a tiny 10% is excreted. So the claim "it just goes straight through me" is a MYTH!!

The National Digestive Disease Information Clearinghouse say that the symptoms which people experience following the consumption of poor quality food, is in fact symptoms of the commonly diagnosed IBS (Irritable bowel Syndrome). An alarming one in seven Australian's experience symptoms of IBS.

I am saddened to the realization that the typical diet of Aussies still consists of bread and milk. How often do we hear Australian families request bread and milk as a consistent staple purchase?!! I blame our (broken) food pyramid.

It clearly illustrates to its viewers that 'breads and cereals' are the most important component of their nutritional intake. The reality is however; that this food pyramid is flawed and following is a number of reasons to support this statement.

Generic bread typically consists of highly processed and refined grains. Here are some informative facts about bread that have been declared by Authority Nutrition:

  • It causes a spike in insulin in the blood (this is especially detrimental to diabetics and anyone with insulin resistance issues)
  • It can cause ageing through the process of glycation (this is where sugar from the bread reacts with the bodies protein/ muscle cells)

Authority Nutrition also informs its readers of the reality of the problem with gluten. They say that "our immune system in our digestive tract attacks the gluten" (which is a protein found in the wheat which behaves like a sticky glue in our body).

Gluten also damages the wall of our digestive tract (inhibiting the absorption of nutrition and elimination of waste products) and causes pain, bloating, stool inconsistency and tiredness.

There has also been strong links between gluten sensitivity and mental illness such as schizophrenia. "Grain brain" is a new jargon term used by paleo enthusiasts where suffers experience symptoms such as brain fog, confusion and a lack of energy. Unfortunately "grain brain" is the new normal in our modern day society.

Furthermore, grain also contains a product called phytic acid (commonly named an "anti-nutrient"). This is a component of the outer layer of the grain itself, which is un-digestible by the human stomach (cows on the other hand, have a separate stomach responsible for the digestion of this product). The affects of phytic acid on the human body are:

  • De-mineralizing the bones (phytic acid strongly binds to zinc, calcium and iron, preventing them from being absorbed)
  • Creates inflammation in the joints (can lead to arthritis).

Dairy is a whole new list of nasty’s (and perhaps another blog on its own in the future), however the point to be made is dairy is no good!! Here are just a few reasons to ponder before you consume any dairy product:

  • Nutritionists say that dairy products have traces of cow puss, mucus and antibiotics.
  • 75% of the world’s population is genetically unable to digest milk and dairy products.
  • There is a strong link between dairy and prostate cancer
  • Diary causes inflammation of your joints (can attribute to arthritis)
  • Dairy causes digestion problems and aggravates IBS.
  • Dairy contributes to allergies such as sinus problems, ear infections, type 1 diabetes, anaemia, chronic constipation, (Doctor Mark Hyman).

Humans are designed to only drink the milk from their mother in the first 6-12 months of their life. We are certainly not designed to consume the milk from another animal, especially when they are forced to lactate for their whole life.

So as you can see in the given facts about the reality of the constitution of wheat and dairy, its clear that it is an ignorant decision to consume these products. In most cities of Australia we are blessed with the availability of wheat free and diary free options. Once you honour your body and choose to say no to dairy and wheat, you will be on you way to a healthy body and a clear mind!


Busy woman all over the world are constantly stuck of the ‘stress express’, running from work to family, appointments and school not realising that this time trial we are trapped in, is causing havoc in our body.

We are sadly in a epidemic of woman feeling guilty about slowing down and taking time for self care. They believe there are simply not enough hours in the day to satisfy all of the demands placed on them from all areas of their lives.

As a result we are seeing a massive increase in stress- related illnesses such as adrenal fatigue, kidney dysfunction, hormonal issues, fibromyalgia and infertility, just to name a few.

Typically if we are having some kind of health issue, our first instinct is to go and see the doctor, but the response we generally get is to take a ‘magic pill’ to fix it, but is this really the answer?

Quite often with medication we see side affects coming to the surface where there is some kind of knock-on effect to the body which can at times cause even more chaos in the body physiologically.

Instead, why not look at your LIFESTYLE and ask yourself “am I really making the right choices for my body every day”?.

Take a moment to reflect on your daily schedule and see if you give yourself enough time and space to get to where you need to go, plus activities to balance our need to mission from one thing to the next, barely giving ourselves enough time to breath.

The reality is we are all busy juggling our careers with our family and friends but there are some simple ways you can learn to rest and restore the reserve tank so that you can live in balance and full health, without falling victim to sickness, illness and disease.

For me yoga is the answer to balancing my busy and I have a great saying “10 mins a day will keep to doctor away”. This doesn’t have to be a full hour yoga class, but a simple beginners 10 min free yoga on you-tube will still give you the same affect of feeling rejuvenated and relaxed at the end of the session.

Meditation is the another wonderful tool and again, you don’t have to be a professional, simply search your phone for a simple app and even take 5- 10 mins to get out of the busy brain and into breath.

Time in nature is one of my favourite things to try and aim to do every day! Not only will it improve your vitamin D levels but also getting your feet back onto the neutralising ions of the earth will help ground and calm your body and mind.

So as you can see you don’t have to be a health guru to work out some ways you can learn to relax and balance the busy. Instead just start to give yourself the permission to stop for even 10 mins a day to breathe, stretch and be present and your body will thank you for it.

If you would like to start some home basic de-stress yoga, click on the link for our exclusive 10 min beginners yoga routine. We specially designed this video for our retreat participants and it will swiftly start your journey from feeling burnt out to feeling BRILLIANT !


Every café you walk into these days are filled with waves of lycra and colour as active wear takes over woman’s wardrobes by storm.

Gone are the days where woman need to have three different outfits per day and rather, one pair of comfy leggings which can be dressed up, dressed down, worked out in or even swam in!

Just as a runner buys new trainers to motivate them to go for a run, woman are purchasing new tight and bright lycra to enthuse them to work out more.

As functional fashion is centralised around our busy lives it makes the transitions between work and working out, sweating and socialising easier. Plus, it looks good and has become commonplace so we're more comfortable wearing it.

Due to this trending “fit fashion”, general apparel has seen a downturn. Meanwhile, the athletic apparel industry increased 8.3 per cent from 2006 to 2012, according to an industry outlook report by Ken Research.

Fit fashion was even at the front and centre at last year's New York Fashion Week Cara Delvingne, in a pink croptop, matching leggings and running shoes, looked like she accidentally stepped on to the Chanel runway at Paris fashion week instead of her treadmill.

Scientists have also found that the body can influence the brains decision-making process as much as the brain’s thoughts and beliefs can influence the body. So with this said, if you wear practical active wear, you truly are more likely to be active!

The reason being is that you are in the second stage in the transtheoretical stages for change, which is called contemplation, ie you are dressed ready to go.

If you are wearing general apparel, you are in pre-contemplation which is one step behind fit fashion ladies.

The source of active wear you choose will also determine your environmental impact as most brands are made predominantly of polyester which is the second largest source of waste, on the contrary there are a few brands which are actually made of sustainable fabrics which will in fact break down in land fill.

One last benefit of wearing active wear as everyday wear is that if you find a pair of versatile leggings which you can add basic tees, denim jackets or bikini tops, you will actually save money on pairing these items with traditional combinations.

For any personal styling requests on how to find your perfect personality pants, feel free to DM the team at Carra Lee Collective.


Hi Everyone!
Happy January and start of 2019! I hope that everyone in the Carra Lee Collective Family had an amazingly relaxing and safe Christmas and New Year’s break.
During this time, I am reminded how important it is to bring some happiness and joy into our lives even if this means relaxing some of our important Health goals and objectives.
Cutting back on exercise regime or adding some not so healthy options to our normal clean living diet is normal and expected as part of socialising during this Festive season.

There really is no need to feel guilty or resentful for not being 100 % on the health wagon during this special time of year and in fact, practicing to relax your boundaries and ‘rules’ is really nourishing for everyone and can be a great way to diffuse all of the stress hormones that build up over the year.

Don’t forget that restoring and re-energising Emotional connections with our Loved Ones, Family and Friends is also crucial during this important period and start of a new Year. If there is someone special in your life that you missed seeing over the Xmas period why not drop them a line or pick up the phone and let them know you are thinking of them.

This act of giving is something, which is very soothing, and healing to the soul and a great way to re-connect with people who are important to you but as we know life has a way of getting in the way and time can fly by so fast it seems.
We are all part of a global community going through the same challenges and pitfalls and its so important to celebrating each other’s success stories along the way.

By really committing to commend each small milestone reached, it actually can help line up more bigger success opportunities to rejoice in for the future!

Carra Lee has a very exciting 2019 year ahead with potential expansion of our flagship Burleigh store to include our natural Organics Product range and lifestyle café!
Looking forward to sharing more of that later with you all as well as our monthly Clothing, Lifestyle and Fitness range specials tailored exclusively for our online Carra Lee Collective community.
Until we talk again here’s wishing you an amazing and successful healthy 2019 ahead!