Living Life With Gratitude

Living Life With Gratitude

Back in January, I took a trip to Hong Kong with our then 2month old baby and it made me realise just how lucky I am – with all of the beautiful things I have in my life at home.

The New Year symbolises new beginnings, and offers us a chance to start afresh and anew.  It is seen as an invitation to set new goals and resolutions, but what about also appreciating what we already have.

The law of attraction states that what you focus on grows, so if we choose to feel gratitude, well then the universe will conspire to deliver more things to our experience to be grateful for! Right?

If we are always focused on what we don’t have and we embody the energy of striving for more, then we forget to be in the moment and smell the roses, which are already blooming around us.


Hong Kong is a very diversified city and as we all know they are currently in their own political struggles and like us, have been challenged even more recently with Covid-19. 

While I was there in January, I really picked up on this contorted vibe and barely left our apartment for the first few days, especially having my baby to care for.

When I did venture out, without my partner, I could feel my body contracting and compressing.  I knew this was my soul saying, “Change your environment”, and so I did.

In response to this very clear guidance I received, I chose to visit some of the quieter areas in the outer islands and as soon as I took a step off the ferry, I could instantly feel my heart expanding and my body opening.

This was my inner being saying, “This is more like it”. So, there we stayed until it was time for Billy J and I to return home. 

Your body is so intelligent and it is always communicating with you – letting you know what it does and does not want or need – it’s simply our job to listen and honour it on a daily basis.

So it’s a simple equation – What feels good is good for you.

And – What doesn’t feel good isn’t good for you.

On returning home from our trip I had a new sense of appreciation for the simple and wonderful things I already have in my life:

The trees;

The clean air;

The sweet smells of flora; 

The koalas in my trees at home; space in my home and on the walking pavement;

All of my tools – which make looking after my baby that little bit easier.  

It is common to forget what we already have and be constantly striving for more, bigger and better. But, if we take a second to reflect on what we already do have and really embody this sense of appreciation, then we are magnetically conspiring to attract more things to be grateful and appreciative for.

This is such a powerful tool we can all embrace while we get through our own nation’s battle with Covid-19. 

Even though this is a massively challenging time for all humans as we enter into an experience we are totally unfamiliar with such as self- isolation and social distancing , it is also an opportunity for us to stop for a couple of months and re-connect to ourselves and be grateful for the small things we often look over or take advantage of.

I invite you to take a few moments to match your goals and daily intentions with that which you already have, and that which you are grateful for.  And, simply notice your shift in vibration.

May the rest of your 2020 be filled with gratitude, appreciation and more of what you love.


Carra Lee xx

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