Practicing Self Love in a Pandemic

Practicing Self Love in a Pandemic

In my last blog I spoke a lot about gratitude and being appreciative of the beauty that surrounds us each day, and this message has never been more pertinent.

Our country, and the world, are still slap bang in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic and re-adjusting to new realities each day. For many of us this has meant spending more time indoors and away from our colleagues, friends and family. It’s meant uncertainty regarding our jobs, salaries, overseas trips and scheduled celebrations of life events. Pressures may be building, tempers flaring, tears threatening to spill – so more than ever we need to be kind to ourselves and practice self-compassion. To recognise and validate our fears, concerns and anxieties - and to meet these with warmth and understanding.

How often have you mentally (or verbally!) told yourself off for feeling a particular way, or having a particular train of thought? This is something we all do subconsciously, and we need to get better at recognising this detrimental behaviour and flipping it on its head – especially during this pandemic. Instead of meeting a concern with anger, we need to be gentle. I was once told to replay some of my internal conversations as if I was having them with a young child, and to think about how differently I would word things. It was shocking to realise how much more empathy and compassion I would display if I were speaking to others versus to myself. It’s a realisation that has stuck with me and taught me a lot. How can I truly be kind to myself if I’m not directing the same levels of understanding internally as I do externally? With this desire to be more self-compassionate comes adjusting the expectations I set for myself too.

There are lots of messages and stories across the media currently, demonstrating how we can be using this isolation time to achieve things. To develop new skills, build on existing foundations and really get the most out of this time spent around home. And while this may be true – and exciting – for some people, it’s not a mandate. It should not be an expectation that we leave isolation with clearer career goals, new course certificates or the ability to engage in TikTok dance battles. We shouldn’t be feeling (or putting) any additional stress or pressure on ourselves to engage in any kind of self-improvement, just because others are.

This is not the time for social comparison.

This is the time to look internally and reflect upon the things that truly make us happy. The things that bring joy to our days and make us smile. Be it getting outdoors for a run or a walk, getting your hands dirty in the garden, video calling friends, making a nutritious and delicious meal, watching your favourite chick flick or running a bubble bath – spend this time of uncertainty doing the things you are certain will have a positive impact on your day (and if this does include learning new TikTok routines, then you go girl! 😉).

For me this means wearing clothes that are comfortable and make me feel good, getting in a nice stretch each morning, heading down to my favourite beach at Kingscliff for a walk with Billy J, and watching the seedlings sprout in my garden.

But what does it mean for you?

I’d love to see the things that bring joy to our Carra Lee Tribe, so tag @carraleecollective on Facebook or Insta to share how you’re spending your time, and what your favourite method of self-love and compassion looks like!

Remember, there is light and beauty at the end of this tunnel, and we are all in this together.

Much love,

Carra xx


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