Good Fats = Weight Loss

Good Fats = Weight Loss

I am asked daily by my clients questions relating to the pros and cons of consuming fats, particularly saturated fats derived from coconuts and commonly fats in general.   There is clearly mainstream confusion relating to the consumption of fats. Let me explain;
Firstly know your fats;
Saturated fat: found naturally in animal sources – red meat, poultry, fish etc. and also coconut,
Mono-unsaturated fats: naturally found in plant-based sources -nuts, seeds, avocado .
Trans fat: Trace amounts found naturally in a small group of foods but primarily made from oils through a food processing method called partial hydrogenation eg. Vegetable oil and canola oil, which are both used in the preparation of most fast foods and sweets.
Society is still somewhat stuck in the 'fat-phobic' belief system. We can thank the relentlessly overwhelming amount of so called "experts" in health and nutrition, screaming "health facts" and "nutrition tips" throughout the splay of media.
The evidence for the use of good fats in your diet is prolific across science. But what are good fats? Some may think that vegetable oil is good, however this is far from the truth. Any oil that is processed, heated or put through a chemical process, such as bleaching is poison.

To keep it simple, you basically just need to eat food in its most natural state, all of the time. The same rings true with your selection of fats. If you eat processed food (including fats) your body goes into an immune response, fatiguing the system, reducing metabolism and certainly not supporting its function.
By eliminating grain and processed high GI carbohydrates from your diet, your body will switch to using fats as a primary energy source (this is the basis of the trending ketone diet). The exciting thing is that you generate profoundly more energy from a fat source than that of carbohydrate and even proteins.
The next question people commonly ask me is "what fats do I eat then?",  and once again the answer is simply. Eat the fats that are in their purest form. Some examples of good fat sources are:
• coconut
• nuts (ideally activated)
• grass-fed meat
• wild caught fish
• seeds
• avocado
• extra virgin oil (not heated, so use in dressings)

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