You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

Everything that you consume through food source is responsible for the development of every cell in your body.

According to Nutritionists, 90 % of the volume of the food you eat gets absorbed for cellular development and only a tiny 10% is excreted. So the claim "it just goes straight through me" is a MYTH!!

The National Digestive Disease Information Clearinghouse say that the symptoms which people experience following the consumption of poor quality food, is in fact symptoms of the commonly diagnosed IBS (Irritable bowel Syndrome). An alarming one in seven Australian's experience symptoms of IBS.

I am saddened to the realization that the typical diet of Aussies still consists of bread and milk. How often do we hear Australian families request bread and milk as a consistent staple purchase?!! I blame our (broken) food pyramid.

It clearly illustrates to its viewers that 'breads and cereals' are the most important component of their nutritional intake. The reality is however; that this food pyramid is flawed and following is a number of reasons to support this statement.

Generic bread typically consists of highly processed and refined grains. Here are some informative facts about bread that have been declared by Authority Nutrition:

  • It causes a spike in insulin in the blood (this is especially detrimental to diabetics and anyone with insulin resistance issues)
  • It can cause ageing through the process of glycation (this is where sugar from the bread reacts with the bodies protein/ muscle cells)

Authority Nutrition also informs its readers of the reality of the problem with gluten. They say that "our immune system in our digestive tract attacks the gluten" (which is a protein found in the wheat which behaves like a sticky glue in our body).

Gluten also damages the wall of our digestive tract (inhibiting the absorption of nutrition and elimination of waste products) and causes pain, bloating, stool inconsistency and tiredness.

There has also been strong links between gluten sensitivity and mental illness such as schizophrenia. "Grain brain" is a new jargon term used by paleo enthusiasts where suffers experience symptoms such as brain fog, confusion and a lack of energy. Unfortunately "grain brain" is the new normal in our modern day society.

Furthermore, grain also contains a product called phytic acid (commonly named an "anti-nutrient"). This is a component of the outer layer of the grain itself, which is un-digestible by the human stomach (cows on the other hand, have a separate stomach responsible for the digestion of this product). The affects of phytic acid on the human body are:

  • De-mineralizing the bones (phytic acid strongly binds to zinc, calcium and iron, preventing them from being absorbed)
  • Creates inflammation in the joints (can lead to arthritis).

Dairy is a whole new list of nasty’s (and perhaps another blog on its own in the future), however the point to be made is dairy is no good!! Here are just a few reasons to ponder before you consume any dairy product:

  • Nutritionists say that dairy products have traces of cow puss, mucus and antibiotics.
  • 75% of the world’s population is genetically unable to digest milk and dairy products.
  • There is a strong link between dairy and prostate cancer
  • Diary causes inflammation of your joints (can attribute to arthritis)
  • Dairy causes digestion problems and aggravates IBS.
  • Dairy contributes to allergies such as sinus problems, ear infections, type 1 diabetes, anaemia, chronic constipation, (Doctor Mark Hyman).

Humans are designed to only drink the milk from their mother in the first 6-12 months of their life. We are certainly not designed to consume the milk from another animal, especially when they are forced to lactate for their whole life.

So as you can see in the given facts about the reality of the constitution of wheat and dairy, its clear that it is an ignorant decision to consume these products. In most cities of Australia we are blessed with the availability of wheat free and diary free options. Once you honour your body and choose to say no to dairy and wheat, you will be on you way to a healthy body and a clear mind!


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