15 Minutes With Carra Lee

15 Minutes With Carra Lee

My passion for health and fitness began…

When I was about 15 I had this insatiable need to get into shape and feel great about myself after my first proper breakup (i’m sure we’ve all been there right ?!)

I also wanted to feel like I could protect myself from any enemy (yes perhaps I got dumped for another girl) so I chose kickboxing as my modality of exercise. 

I must admit, I did get pretty obsessed with the culture for this sport, training 6 – 7 days a week, going to fight nights, socialising with my fellow club members etc. This was a real memorable time of my life.

My favourite workout routine is ..

Any type of pilates class which is led by a flamboyant teacher. Being an Exercise Scientist and a special populations personal trainer, I am super fussy when it comes to teachers. I need them to not only be technically competent, but also have a personality so that they can keep the class engaged, motivated and having fun with each other.

I’ve always wanted to…

Start my own ACTIVE WEAR BRAND!!! This has been a dream of mine ever since I was in enthralled by kick-boxing back in my late teens.

Seeing I lived in active wear and was constantly disappointed in lack of performance or ridiculous prices, I knew I could apply my knowledge and experience (and lack of greed:) to create a line which not only gave woman what they wanted in terms of style and comfort, but also produced  in fabrics which could assist in conserving Mother Nature.

The best piece of advice I’ve received is… 

“Work smarter, not harder”. Many of my mentors have shared this line with me and I couldn’t agree more.

Having a long history of adrenal fatigue from constantly torturing my body working too hard and striving for success, I can now say looking back at all those years that I so could have done it an easier way. 

When you are literally sprinting from one thing to the next all of the time, constantly over-scheduled with no down time, you risk being less effective due to the fact you tend to make emotionally-fuelled decisions and lack clarity due to your brain fog.

If you step back and consider all angles of decision making you not only make better and more prosperous choices, but you also are able to come up with more creative and innovative ideas.

Vanilla or chocolate…

Vanilla , I’ve never really had much of a sweet tooth and I thank my mother for that. As a child a treat to me was a big juicy mango or a avocado. Don’t get me wrong I loved the novelty of sweets but I would collect them and play with them like toys rather than eat them as they were way too sweet for my all-a-natural taste buds.

When I need a motivation boost ... 

I listen to an Abraham Hicks rampage. These are found on You Tube and designed to raise your vibration to a level that you can magnetically attract what ever you are rampaging about. Eg on the way to work I tend to do an abundance one where I set up my energy to attract abundance into my experience once I reach my place of work.

I HIGHLY recommend rampages as they really do work plus they just make you feel awesome!!!


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