About Carra Lee


Carra is the founder and owner of the dynamic and multi-faceted health and fitness company ‘Living Empowered Retreats’.
The university qualified Exercise Scientist maintains her expertise and stays at the forefront of her field through a continuance of education. Carra is a qualified expert and well respected in the areas of sports rehabilitation, exercise prescription, sports nutrition, massage, yoga and now ‘lifestyle fashion”.
The health guru describes her role as being a ‘Confidence Engineer'. ‘I build stability in the body and the mind to create confidence within the person, engineering them to become fulfilled in all areas of their life’.
Carra uses yoga therapy, personal development and now ‘dress-ups’ in comfortable, colourful and fully environmentally friendly clothing to instil confidence in woman physically and mentally. 
‘Once woman feel EMPOWERED they develop the courage to wear colours and prints which appeal to them, rather than feeling the need to hide behind black all the time’.
Carra Lee Collective is a platform, which the team has created, serving as a meeting place for like-minded woman to connect, share stories, support each other and of course shop!
All woman like a bit of retail therapy, however to feel part of a community with Carra Lee Collective supersedes the service and value of competition retail outlets. The one-stop-shop for healthy living and fabulous fun offers not just stunning garments, accessories and jewellery but also workshops, retreats and yoga classes.
Carra and her team share the mission to “spread conscious living worldwide” and “instil confidence into ALL woman.


CLC is a collection of fashion and accessories, which support sustainable, elegant and conscious living. We believe that woman deserve to feel confident in what they choose to wear in all lifestyles they engage in such as movement and leisure.
Our garments are highly versatile, as they can be dressed up, dressed down, swam in, stretched in or even slept in! The collections of clothing we have in store are all sourced ethically and are made from environmentally friendly fabrics, which are also visually appealing and feel extraordinarily comfortable.
Our culture is firstly that we aim to spread this ‘conscious, balanced living’ worldwide to all woman. We want to instil confidence into our customers though sharing remarkable product with remarkable service and encourage woman to have the bravery to wear colour and patterns, which resonate with their personality.
Our declaration we stand by every day is “Tight, Bright and FABULOUS” because all woman deserve the right to wear what feels good and not worry about hiding behind black.