The Art Of Relaxation

The Art Of Relaxation

Busy woman all over the world are constantly stuck of the ‘stress express’, running from work to family, appointments and school not realising that this time trial we are trapped in, is causing havoc in our body.

We are sadly in a epidemic of woman feeling guilty about slowing down and taking time for self care. They believe there are simply not enough hours in the day to satisfy all of the demands placed on them from all areas of their lives.

As a result we are seeing a massive increase in stress- related illnesses such as adrenal fatigue, kidney dysfunction, hormonal issues, fibromyalgia and infertility, just to name a few.

Typically if we are having some kind of health issue, our first instinct is to go and see the doctor, but the response we generally get is to take a ‘magic pill’ to fix it, but is this really the answer?

Quite often with medication we see side affects coming to the surface where there is some kind of knock-on effect to the body which can at times cause even more chaos in the body physiologically.

Instead, why not look at your LIFESTYLE and ask yourself “am I really making the right choices for my body every day”?.

Take a moment to reflect on your daily schedule and see if you give yourself enough time and space to get to where you need to go, plus activities to balance our need to mission from one thing to the next, barely giving ourselves enough time to breath.

The reality is we are all busy juggling our careers with our family and friends but there are some simple ways you can learn to rest and restore the reserve tank so that you can live in balance and full health, without falling victim to sickness, illness and disease.

For me yoga is the answer to balancing my busy and I have a great saying “10 mins a day will keep to doctor away”. This doesn’t have to be a full hour yoga class, but a simple beginners 10 min free yoga on you-tube will still give you the same affect of feeling rejuvenated and relaxed at the end of the session.

Meditation is the another wonderful tool and again, you don’t have to be a professional, simply search your phone for a simple app and even take 5- 10 mins to get out of the busy brain and into breath.

Time in nature is one of my favourite things to try and aim to do every day! Not only will it improve your vitamin D levels but also getting your feet back onto the neutralising ions of the earth will help ground and calm your body and mind.

So as you can see you don’t have to be a health guru to work out some ways you can learn to relax and balance the busy. Instead just start to give yourself the permission to stop for even 10 mins a day to breathe, stretch and be present and your body will thank you for it.

If you would like to start some home basic de-stress yoga, click on the link for our exclusive 10 min beginners yoga routine. We specially designed this video for our retreat participants and it will swiftly start your journey from feeling burnt out to feeling BRILLIANT !

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