Look Good, Feel Great, Save The Planet For 2019.

Look Good, Feel Great, Save The Planet For 2019.

Hi Everyone!
Happy January and start of 2019! I hope that everyone in the Carra Lee Collective Family had an amazingly relaxing and safe Christmas and New Year’s break.
During this time, I am reminded how important it is to bring some happiness and joy into our lives even if this means relaxing some of our important Health goals and objectives.
Cutting back on exercise regime or adding some not so healthy options to our normal clean living diet is normal and expected as part of socialising during this Festive season.

There really is no need to feel guilty or resentful for not being 100 % on the health wagon during this special time of year and in fact, practicing to relax your boundaries and ‘rules’ is really nourishing for everyone and can be a great way to diffuse all of the stress hormones that build up over the year.

Don’t forget that restoring and re-energising Emotional connections with our Loved Ones, Family and Friends is also crucial during this important period and start of a new Year. If there is someone special in your life that you missed seeing over the Xmas period why not drop them a line or pick up the phone and let them know you are thinking of them.

This act of giving is something, which is very soothing, and healing to the soul and a great way to re-connect with people who are important to you but as we know life has a way of getting in the way and time can fly by so fast it seems.
We are all part of a global community going through the same challenges and pitfalls and its so important to celebrating each other’s success stories along the way.

By really committing to commend each small milestone reached, it actually can help line up more bigger success opportunities to rejoice in for the future!

Carra Lee has a very exciting 2019 year ahead with potential expansion of our flagship Burleigh store to include our natural Organics Product range and lifestyle café!
Looking forward to sharing more of that later with you all as well as our monthly Clothing, Lifestyle and Fitness range specials tailored exclusively for our online Carra Lee Collective community.
Until we talk again here’s wishing you an amazing and successful healthy 2019 ahead!
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