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  • Times are a-changing 🎶

    Times are a-changing 🎶

    Bend, sway and roll with the punches

    It’s safe to say the last 18 months have been a time of intense change for us all. 

    Changes to our family dynamics, social lives, businesses and even wardrobes (no one could have anticipated face masks would become the world’s most sought-after accessory).

    This month’s blog highlights that with change comes the need to carve out time to feel safe, secure and supported - and to introduce you to our new funky Carra Lee Active face masks to brighten your covid workout wardrobe 😉

  • Healthy, Healing Hot Chocolate

    Healthy, Healing Hot Chocolate

      Do these chilly winter days have you looking for a mid-afternoon pick me up or post...

  • Anxiety, Be Gone!

    Anxiety, Be Gone!

      If there’s one thing having two young sons has taught me, it’s the importance of taki...

  • Easy Energy Boosters

    Easy Energy Boosters

      I’ve been reflecting a lot on energy recently. As the pregnant mother of a toddler, I...

  • The Team Behind The Dream

    The Team Behind The Dream

    Boom! Just like that we are a month in to 2021. Like much of the world, a part of me ...