The Easy Way To Manifest The Life You Want

The Easy Way To Manifest The Life You Want

I’m not saying my life is perfect here... no one’s is. But sometimes I have to look around at all the gifts that I have in my life and pinch myself.

You see, over the years, I have come to learn the art of manifesting. It’s not hard – it’s FUN!

All it takes is a bit of daily practice so that you can change those deeply ingrained beliefs and change our thoughts from being negative – to positive.

Firstly – we need to be able to imagine what it will be like to have this thing in your life

Secondly - we need to replicate the feelings of what it will feel like to have it playing out in your reality

Wayne Dyer said that the best place to start create the life you want is in your imagination. What he means by this is taking the time to draft in your mind what it is that you want to manifest and then imagine what it will be like to have it.

So for example, for those of you who are looking for your soul mate… when you wake up in the morning… before you even open your eyes, imagine he is lying next to you. And really take yourself to that place. Feel those feelings of safety, contentment and joy that you will feel with him.

Then catch yourself in those moments when you say things such as:

…There are no good men out there

…All men are bastards

…And so on!

Remember: every thought you have is a prayer to the universe. And it will be sure to send you more bastards when you say things like that!

But when you connect the feelings and emotions of having the things you want, you are energetically aligning with them and via the law of attraction, these things will magnetically be attracted to you.

It seems quite simple when it is broken down doesn’t it. But putting it into practice takes time and consistency, like any new skill set.

Here are 7 easy steps to follow to be able to be a manifesting queen:

  1. Get clear on what you want.
  2. Ask the universe for this particular thing every day at least once without fear or desperation. Ask with a knowing, a sense of trust and gratefulness that it is on its way to you.
  3. Imagine and act as if it’s already happening. Eg. Buy the outfit you want to wear at the interview that you already have.
  4. Trust and believe in the process with your whole body and mind.
  5. Keep your vibration high by doing yoga, meditation, eating high vibrational foods (such as organic plants) and spending time with people who make you feel good.
  6. Make it FUN and get excited that the thing you want is on its way to you! Make a vision board! Say affirmations or stick them on your mirror.
  7. Daily gratitude practice.

The Importance of Gratitude

I want to just expand on point number 7 – Daily Gratitude.

I know, I know- you’ve heard it all before and it all sounds a bit “woo-woo” right? But just hear me out…

When we are grateful for all the gifts that we already have in our lives and make it a part of our daily routine, we shift ourselves to a higher vibration. The universe hears this and sends you more of the good.

You can spend a few minutes meditating on these things every day or use a gratitude journal.

Your Daily Exercise

  1. Start your day by writing down your intention or a goal. By doing this you are making an oath to the universe of what it is you are aiming to achieve in the day (or what you wish to manifest for that day).
  1. Then follow on by listing 10 things you are grateful for. This can be as simple as the wonderful sleep you had, for your loved ones, your legs that allow you to walk, the nutritious food and water you have access to every day.

By actively listing things you are already grateful for, you are emanating the feelings associated with appreciation.

And due to the fact that you pledged your daily goal (then working towards that goal in that day) at the start of this activity, the universe will conspire to magnetically align with this and once again magnetically bring it into your experience.

Happy manifesting everyone!


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