3 Lifestyle Tips To Healthy Fertility

3 Lifestyle Tips To Healthy Fertility

 Hey Tribe,


Since the announcement of my mini-me, I’ve received so many lovely messages and would like to say thank you so much – it means a lot.
I’ve also had a lot of questions in regards to health and fertility. And let me tell you – I’ve spoken to the best in the biz, got all kinds of treatment and advice, I’ve researched till the wee hours of the night.
So here are some of the best tips I have to assisting with your fertility naturally.
Let me start this by saying that of course there are always circumstances where a change of lifestyle alone won’t be enough to fall pregnant. But I am confident these tweaks will certainly improve chances of conceiving, even if they are coupled with other medical intervention.
1. Move in a gentle to moderate way every day
Research shows that doing gentle to moderate exercise can boost your fertility and woman who engage in physical activity have shown to fall pregnant quicker than those that don’t.
The modality can be anything that you enjoy that also:
• Increases your heart rate
• Makes you breathe faster
• Makes you feel warmer

Doctors recommend that your choice of exercise should be at the level of intensity where you can still talk without having to stop for breath to be at a safe and affective level for healthy fertility.
They also say if you have a high BMI and are having issues falling pregnant, high intensity exercise (especially in the form of interval training) should help you conceive as it will help you lose body fat.

2. Eat real food from a wide variety of natural sources
The importance of eating a nutritious diet during pregnancy is well established. Most people are well aware of this fact and want to do the best for their baby’s development, but often there’s conflicting information on what foods are best to eat during this time.
A diet based on real food is naturally very nutrient-dense, making it the perfect option for pregnant women. It doesn’t take a nutrition degree to explain that a diet focused mostly on real food (vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, legumes, fruit, nuts, seeds and other good fats) versus a diet that contains more processed foods (pasta, cereals, crackers, chips, sweets, etc.) is better for you during times of conception.
3. Try to relax a little every day to balance the busy
Research shows that stress can majorly inhibit fertility.
When the body is stressed it goes into ‘fight or flight mode’. I like to explain to my students that during these times, the body thinks it’s running away from a tiger and hence, it’s not worried about conceiving if it thinks its fighting for its life.
If you’re feeling stressed you’re also less likely to feel like having sex (which is kind of important in the baby making process).
When you’re stressed you’re also more likely to drink more alcohol and consume more caffeine, both of which have disadvantages with conception.
If you find it hard to stop doing (and thinking) due to your busy schedule, I first want you to ask yourself…
What feeling is being hidden by “the busy”
What is it that I don’t want to feel?
What happens when I stop and be with myself?
There are so many amazing meditation apps which will guide you for a little as 5 minutes a day to relax and decompress. I personally use ‘Insight Timer’ which has thousands of guided meditations, meditation courses and even relaxing music. You can choose the length of time for the meditation as well which is perfect for a busy lifestyle – yep there’s no excuse now!
Another thing I highly recommend to bring the body and mind back into balance is Yin yoga. Find a class that resonates with you and trust me – it can be life changing. My Health Yoga in Broadbeach even add a Sound Healing to some of their Yin classes which just takes you into a much deeper level of meditation. Click here to find out more.
If anyone wants to reach out to me and ask more in depth questions about what I did in detail to fall pregnant after having severe hormone imbalance and adrenal fatigue, please email me at carra@carraleecollective.com.au

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