Carra Lee Active Is Born

Carra Lee Active Is Born

I have some amazing news to share with you!

After four years in the making, involving copious amounts of research and product testing, we have finally released our own activewear line!

Ever since I started working in the fitness industry 20 years ago, I always had a dream to create my own line based on my experience of knowing what women of all shapes and sizes want and need in exercise apparel.

And even though over the years, people have told me many times that it’s too hard to start your own label… that the market is saturated… etc… etc… I’ve done it!

What made me take the leap was my faith in my product and what it stands for. I believe I have sourced the best long-lasting, high-performing and sustainable fabrics and combined them with the cutting-edge technology cuts for tummy control and bust support.

We also know at Carra Lee that women want to feel fashionable and confident in their clothing choices so, we have listened to all of your wonderful feedback and requests and have chosen prints and fabrics that YOU have asked for.

So, I have to say a huge THANK YOU to my tribe. I couldn’t have done this without your support and feedback.

And I would love your feedback to continue! So, stay tuned for some sneak peeks at upcoming cuts and prints so YOU get to tell us what YOU prefer for our future collections.

Oh wait! I have more news!!

I’m a BIG believer in giving back. Therefore, from November onwards, $2 from every sale of Carra Lee Active garments will go to a charity of your choice.

Also, all of our packaging will move towards sustainable materials building on our strong base of using bio-degradable fabrics used in all of our garments . We are the ONLY activewear brand in Australia making this commitment to the environment and our local Community.

So, from now on, whenever you choose to wear and share Carra Lee branded products, you are not only taking care of your needs in style and performance for activewear, you are also doing your bit for the planet and giving something back to those around you.

Stay tuned to upcoming announcements and polls on social media and in-store to have your say in selection of charities, prints and so much more because at Carra Lee, we believe that your voice counts!


Carra Lee Active, Made by confident women, for confident women.

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