5 Ways to Keep Fit and Healthy During the Holidays 🎄

5 Ways to Keep Fit and Healthy During the Holidays 🎄

This time of year is wonderful – full of friends, family and­­ mostly importantly, FOOD. But sometimes, this temptation isn’t always compatible with a healthy lifestyle. Festive season weight gain is a common concern for majority of women, especially if you’re used to a fit, regimented routine. That said, there are SO many ways to ensure you’re staying healthy without feeling constricted. Reminder – it’s okay to indulge occasionally.

Here's our five tips to keep you healthy during the holidays:


  1. Find healthier alternatives to the things you love!

Everything you love can be moderated to fit within your diet (apart from wine… so go right ahead with that one). Try baking instead of deep frying, yogurt instead of mayonnaise, kombucha instead of soda, load up on veggies and reduce your salt intake. These more mindful swaps will save you calories without compromising on taste and quality.


  1. Moderation

Now, as easy as it is to completely slip off the bandwagon into 4-long week food coma from over-indulging at every meal, it’s just not realistic and it’s going to leave you feeling like crap (we promise). High protein, fibrous meals are still your best friend and are always the best choice. Having a late, light lunch, such as a green salad or avocado on whole wheat toast, before you rock up to your aunt’s house to eat your weight in turkey and fruit cake, is a smart choice. Just because it’s the holidays, it doesn’t mean green foods no longer exist.


  1. Don’t forgo exercise

Not only is exercise good for your physical health, but it can also clear your mind mentally. Stress is so prevalent at this time of year – organising meals, buying presents, squeezing in time with your loved ones and the annual family feud… getting outside will relieve that tension.


  1. Try portion control

It’s so easy to overload on extra meats, potato’s and of course, desserts, put practicing mindful eating and learning to take only what your body needs is key. We recommend opting for smaller plates to avoid stacking your dish up high.


  1. Limit your liquid calories 

Wine, beer, sodas, and sweet drinks are prevalent during Christmas time, so opting for healthier alternatives such as kombucha, cold water and green smoothies will ensure you’re not sipping on empty calories.


Eating mindfully, healthily, and preparing in advance means that the dreaded holiday season weight gain can be avoided. Remind yourself of these five tips to start your new year off strong with your physical and mental health in check!


Carra Lee x

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