Q+A with Carra Lee herself - The brains behind the brand

What are your main motivations behind the Carra Lee brand? 

I’ve always prided myself on being a ‘confidence engineer’; I love to instil confidence in all women through movement, lifestyle, and clothing choices.

I love encouraging women to choose clothing and styles which make them look and feel great. By enhancing their confidence in their wardrobe this will translate through all areas of their life.

How do you design activewear to be so flattering?

As I’ve worked in the health industry for two decades, I’ve learnt what women need to look and feel fabulous in activewear.

It’s quite simple really, most women love soft fabric which feels amazing, and that will also perform well in different exercise and movement modalities.

They also want flattering cuts suited to all body shapes, that are super comfortable, and can be worn as everyday wear - not just whilst exercising. 

What qualities do you look for in fabrics for your collections?

Being eco-friendly, resilient, and feeling amazing against your skin, are absolute ‘MUSTS’!

How do you decide on a collection’s print?

Having years of working with women in and around the health and fitness industry means I’ve collated a lot of research – not to mention my own preferences! From colour to fabric design and print, I try to consider options that will brighten women’s days and make them feel like their best, most confident selves.

Name four key Carra Lee Active take-aways:

  • Designed to fit and support REAL women. Women of ALL shapes and sizes!
  • We use eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics.
  • Our garments are long-lasting. I still wear leggings made from our current polyamide fabric, that are over 15 years old!
  • Sweatshop free! All garments are manufactured by a family-run company – we love supporting small businesses like my own!