Rounding Out 2020 With Gratitude

Rounding Out 2020 With Gratitude

What a wild ride 2020 has been – but we’ve made it! And now it’s time to celebrate!

From Christmas parties to catch ups with friends, and the upcoming Christmas Day celebrations and New Year events - the last month of the year is a time of treats and – for lack of a better word – indulgence. Champagne, summer-y cocktails, hearty food and desserts – it’s all on the table this season and should be enjoyed without guilt.

After what has been a brutal year, embrace this time of having your cake and eating it too 😉

Life is all about balance, so cast aside any fears of weight-gain (or borderline alcoholism 😉) and just know the festive season is all about enjoyment, and your self-discipline and exercise routines can recommence in the New Year.

As we start making plans and looking ahead to 2021, reflecting on the year that has been tends to come part and parcel… and for many of us this reflection may bring with it inklings of disappointment and anxiety. After all, who could have predicted 2020 would unfold as it did?! From cancelled trips, to months on end spent at home, and separation from families – we have all been affected one way or another by Covid 19 and its flow on effects.

While these negative thoughts and emotions are a natural and valid response to the calamity that has been 2020, with the end of the year approaching we must take this time to appreciate the good that has occurred throughout these last 365 days as well.

Amidst the global pandemic, we have seen greater levels of innovation from our governments and businesses, workplaces have offered increased flexibility in our day-to-day workings, there’s been an intensified focus on mental wellness, and communities have rallied together to offer support to those who need it. We have witnessed countries band together and give voice to minorities who have long been marginalised. Sightings of wildlife have dramatically increased (dolphins in the canals of Venice!?!), whilst pollution levels have decreased. We have had the time to stop, to identify and to focus on the things (and people) that are truly important to us. And we have inadvertently developed a sense of mindfulness – of appreciation for the little joys in life we would usually overlook; to be outdoors sans mask, to walk hand in hand with our loved ones, to feel secure enough to undertake the (previously dreaded) weekly grocery shop. 

2020 has taken us all by surprise, and while in many ways it’s been the toughest year most of us have ever experienced, it hasn’t been a complete bust.

As we round out 2020, whether you are someone who journals and meditates or not, I encourage you to take stock of the positive experiences and events you have witnessed this year. Ask yourself the following questions and let’s see if we can end 2020 on a high note!

What have been your most memorable moments of 2020?

What have you celebrated and achieved this year? Extra emphasis should be put on these factors – as, despite the hurdles of a global pandemic, you’ve still made progress! Go girl!

What did you learn about yourself?

Who and what are you most grateful for?

What challenged you (aside from Covid 😉)?

Considering the obstacles of 2020, what advice would you give yourself? Take stock of this advice as, although the future is looking somewhat brighter for 2021 as the world settles into our new reality, it’s likely this advice will still stand…. 

While your Christmas and New Years celebrations may be unfolding a little differently than previous years, know your Carra Lee team is sending warm wishes, love and gratitude to each and every one of you this festive season.

Without your ongoing support our brand would not be where it is today and we are very much looking forward to reigning in a new year, filled with new possibilities, with all our wonderful Tribettes.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a truly beautiful New Year. 

Bring on 2021!

Much love,

Carra xx

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