How to Lose Fat Fast

How to Lose Fat Fast

Did you know that you can manipulate the timing of your meals in order to loose Body Fat? Here are 3 basic tricks to MAXIMISE  your fat burn to your stubborn areas of fat storage.

Research shows that if you mis-time your meals, you can reduce your metabolism, destroy your energy levels and actually encourage your body to store fat.

The commonly heard terms:

"don't skip breakfast"

"don't eat late at nights"

"make sure you eat before exercise"

ARE ALL MYTHS  if your aim is to loose body fat.

This topic of when and what to eat is HIGHLY controversial, however, if you stick to these 3 basic rules, you can boost your metabolism, boost your anti-ageing hormones and have your body burning fat as its primary energy source, 24/7!



The body is designed to be in a state of elimination during the morning  hours so ideally it does not need any energy taken away from this state of detoxing the body. If you consume a heavy meal, the body has to divert its energy to digestion, taking away from detoxing itself from chemicals and the previous days food.

Science also shows that eating your calories later in the day can boost your anti-ageing/ fat burning hormone Growth Hormone. This form of 'intermittent fasting' also gives strength to your immune system and your hunger hormone, Ghrelin.


If you do consume food before you train,  you are actually promoting body fat storage. The AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) claim that "exercising in a fasting state results in a greater percent of body fat being used as a source of fuel compared to the same workout load, after a meal or snack'.



Its not so much about the timing of your dinner, but more importantly WHAT you eat for dinner which is important.

Choose to eat easily digestible food as your evening meal, such as fish or vegetarian food, over red meat and other more complex proteins.

If you do eat later in the evening, try to give yourself 3 hours to then go to bed, however, by eating an easily digestible dinner, you are encouraging Growth Hormone to be produced in your body over night which will stimulate repair in your body and boost your metabolism. 

So as you can see, having control over your food timing is HIGHLY BENEFICIAL and EXTREMELY IMPORTANT when you have a specific goal to loose body fat. If you follow the above 3 steps, you will not only start to BURN your body fat, but your energy and confidence levels will sky rocket as well.


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