Are you on your way to Burn Out?

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms… it’s time for a health intervention:

Exhaustion: If you are living with daily exhaustion and feeling drained and depleted.

Insomnia: If you are finding it hard to switch off the mind and sleep.

Anxiety: If you find it hard to control your thoughts or you are experiencing physical symptoms such as a racing heart, shallow breathing, even panic attacks.

Forgetfulness: If you left your child at the cafe, have no idea where your keys are… then this is because high levels of cortisol affects the brain’s ability to encode information and retrieve it from the hippocampus. This part of the brain is super sensitive to high cortisol levels and as a result, long-term stress can cause loss of memory.

Long story short - when you run on adrenaline for long periods of time, your body may have trouble switching out of “fight or flight” mode. This is damaging for our bodies and can result in serious illnesses.

It’s time to take action and we are here to help.


A Note from Carra

After three major burnouts over 10 years of my life, I knew it was time to make a change.
The problem with overcoming adrenal fatigue is that in order to heal you need to slow down, take time out and rest because your system has become hypersensitive to every bit of stress.
So how do you slow down in order to heal whilst living in such a busy and demanding world?
I decided it was my Devine responsibility to find what tools actually worked to get my stress under control and allow my body to rebalance itself safely and naturally.
I visited many retreats, yoga classes, healers and mentors to start to piece together the adrenal fatigue puzzle. I combined this information with my own experience in the Exercise Science world and, having trained hundreds of stressed-out professional ladies in my career, came up with a simple and effective formula for how to take women from burn out to brilliance!
 I strongly believe in disrupting the health and fitness industry with my vision of "NO PAIN MEANS ALL GAIN"
Managing weight, actively participating in life, achieving goals and overcoming burnout was NEVER meant to be painful.
 As a Confidence Engineer and stress resilience specialist, I am committed to developing a culture of personal development, emotional security and psychological durability.
If you’re tired of looking after everyone else… it’s time to look after YOU.

    Four Day Retreat for Women with Stress and Burn Out - Level 1

    Carra and her experienced team invite you to discover how you can lead a life of stress resilience as a busy woman.

     This retreat teaches you how to:

    • Adopt better health
    • Overcome stress and burn out
    • Live an empowered life as a modern day woman

    On completion, you will have a clearer understanding of what basic tools you can use every day from home to build a strong healthy body and a calm clear mind which is more immune to stress and sickness.

    Come and spend 3 nights with us as we start to discover ourselves and our body through guided workshops, yoga, relaxation and community building. 

    7 Night Retreat for Women with Stress and Burn Out - Level 2

    In this retreat, Carra teaches what constitutes this valuable style of living and, once practiced, how it navigates us to the best quality of life that we could ever imagine - full of abundance, love and prosperity.

    We explore the topic of ‘soul’s calling’ and the relationship this has with your level of happiness and contentment in life.

    You will come to understand the concept of ‘spiritual burnout’ and how to identify it, treat it and prevent it via living an ‘authentic’ life.

    As part of the package, you will be given a very sacred tool to unveil your innate gifts that you were born with. We will guide you to combine this information with your individual talents and passions to discover what your exact ‘soul calling’ is, or what it is that you were put on this earth to do.

    Together with Carra’s teachings, we have special guests which cover topics such as:

    • The art of self-expression and self-love
    • Understanding the sacred Devine feminine
    • Energy healing
    • Boundaries
    • Discover your true self and your soul's calling

    Expressions of Interest

    If you would like us to notify you when we have set the date for our next retreat, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch. Let us know why you need this retreat now, we want to make sure you get the most out of attending.