Carra and her reputable team invite you to Currumbin Valley to discover how you can lead a life of stress resilience as a busy woman.
This retreat is a taster of our bigger programs which start to teach you how to adopt better health, how to discover your true purpose and live an empowered life as a modern day woman. It is the first step in a sequential order of retreats which are targeted around the topic of “burn out"
On completion of this day event you will have a clearer understanding of what basic tools you can use everyday from home to build a strong healthy body and a calm clear mind which is more immune to stress and sickness.
Come and spend a day with us in the sweeping hills of the stunning valley as we start to discover ourselves and our body through guided workshops, yoga, relaxation and community building.

Your Experience


Did you know that in essence all spiritual belief systems have the baseline of the same principles?
Whether you choose to believe in God, Buddah or Shiva it’s all a mirror reflection of the same thing. By having a belief in a greater source energy or intelligence, it enables us to be awakened to ‘conscious living’.
In this workshop Carra teaches on what constitutes this valuable style of living and once practiced, how it navigates us to the best quality of life that we could ever imagine full of abundance, love and prosperity.
We explore the topic of ‘soul’s calling’ and the relationship this has with your level of happiness and contentment in life. Carra will teach on the subject of ‘spiritual burnout’. You will learn what it is, how to identify it, treat it and prevent it via living an ‘authentic’ life.
During this session you will be given a very sacred tool to unveil your innate gifts that you were born with. Carra will guide you on how to combine this information with your individual talents and passions to discover what your exact ‘soul’s calling’ is or, what it was that you were put on this earth to do.


Your Trainers


Skilled in leading high performers to their physical, emotional and mental stability, Carra has over 15 years experience in women's body care services and confidence engineering. Carra is a University qualified Scientist drawing her own real life experiences and the voices of women in high demand environments to develop an exclusive platform for the identification, management and prevention of "burnout"

Carra confidently disrupts the health and fitness industry with her vision of "NO PAIN MEANS ALL GAIN"

Managing weight, actively participating in life and achieving goals was NEVER meant to be painful.

Carra is committed to developing a culture of personal development, emotional security and psychological durability, and has championed the innovative concept of Confidence Engineering.


Following a 37 year marriage which produced 7 children Trish decided to pursue studies in relationship and sexual issues so that she could help others in her life. Her studies included the practice and effect of breath work. In realising the extent to which family and religious culture, mixed with where you were raised, affected the way people think about relationships and sex, Trish decided to specialise in helping people discover the extent of their cultural and environmental 'cringes' and to help people get through them. She then combined this with breath work, which she uses as a tool to help people get in touch with the level to which people are impacted by their background. Once discovered, Trish uses open communication to help people work through these constraints, thus freeing them up to form their own norms in relationships and their sex life. Trish's style is open and earthy, including an acceptance of speaking the truth. Having achieved that Trish then puts people in touch with the level of pleasure they can achieve in their life through connecting with others.

We’ve got a big weekend planned for you and we’ve got a special guest trainer coming in! Not only will you get the knowledge and experience of Carra and Trish, our guest trainer will teach you about expression through different elements and much more!